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cb - Dune - 2018-5.jpg
cb - Dune - 2018-6.jpg
Credit : POMKA Studio

Dune sofa is a creation made especially for Venice Design 2018 exhibition while Venezia Architecture Biennale. 


The creation result of a collaboration between industrialists, a designer and craftsman. Like a living mass surging from the floor, both rigid and organic, illustrates the importance of Man in the manufacturing and the use of an object. It has been constructed within 50 square kilometers. Each partner has a production site near Lille (France).  

The intention of the draft was to get together several local industrialists in different fields and create a high end piece of furniture in a local neightboorhood. Sweet association between two contrasted material. Wood and steel. Two worlds unified by a precious link, both organic and straight, warm and cold, natural and industrial. Proves that Nature and Human can work together. 

cb - Dune - 2018-4.jpg
cb - Dune - 2018-6.jpg


- Furniture in ash from north of France.

- Hand carved.

- Unique piece

- Materials : copper, linen, ash

Dim :

- L 140 x P 43 x  H 45 cm

Price quotation  only by mail

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