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Cime, valet
Art Director : Frédéric Saulou
Credit :  Germain Herriau

Cime is a coat door in solid oak. A basis covered with mat paint maintain the structure as it where a rock on a side montain. The structure looks like floated in the air. Manufactured from simple assembling, the coat holder reproduces the tenon codes. Each element is essential. The upper stem recalls the branch of a tree touching the clouds. Horizontal, the central stick allows to store  jackets on a hanger, thus avoiding overlay layers. The bottom tray can be used as a seat on the start of a day or as a shoeholder.

Cime - Cedric Breisacher - drugeot 2.jpg
Cime - Cedric Breisacher - drugeot 3.jpg
cb- cime - drugeot.jpg

Low profile, Cime can fit into any entrance. The simplicity of assemblies allows the object to be easily and quickly mounting. 

Cime - 1.jpg
Cime - GENERIQUE.jpg

Thanks to Drugeot Manufacture for this first collaboration, 

Feel free to visit there web site . here .

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